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БАЛКАНИНТЕРТУРС - АД – създ. 1992 г.


Legal seat: 1124 Sofia, 52  Evlogi Georgiev Blvd., 1st floor

Head office: 5000 Veliko Tarnovo, 17 B Tsar Todor Svetoslav Str, 2nd fl. tel./fax: 062/606 620, mobile: 0899/939 850, 0898/557 072 

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 




Today, ……………………… in the town of ………………… between BALKANINTERTOURS Jsc., registered under company file № 8750/1992, with address of management and company business address 1124 Sofia, 52 Evlogi Georgiev Blvd., 1st floor, Tax № 2225026031, Unified Company №: 121491009 Registration certificate № 00026 of the Ministry of Economy, represented by Milena Panayotova Trifonova – Executive director, hereinafter referred to as TOUR OPERATOR, on the one hand


/name, father’s name and surname of the client/                         /PIN/

…………………………  ………………………………………………..

/№ and date of issue of the ID card/


/address, phone numbers/

hereinafter referred to as CUSTOMER, on the other hand, was signed the present contract



The TOUR OPERATOR is obliged to provide a tourist trip, its total price being determined by the provisions below, whereas the CUSTOMER, acting for and on behalf of the inscribed people, declares their willingness to travel.



Reservation № ………………/ …………………..


Name, father’ s name and surname of the client


ID card or passport

№  and date of issue














Travel route


Date and time of departure


Starting point


Date and time of return


Final destination




Vehicle, category


Hotel, category


Type of room


Number of overnight stays






Other services


Total price



On behalf of the customers included in the inscription form and on my behalf I declare that we have become acquainted with the provisions of the travel contract with BALKANINTERTOURS and we accept them.

The total price includes Assistance Travel insurance, as BALKANINTERTOURS Jsc. has an agreement with ‘Uniqa’ Insurance Company Jsc with a head office: 1612 Sofia, 11-13 Yunak Str. – General agency Svetoslava Ltd, Veliko Tarnovo. Insurance policy № 10128L5002/28.01.2010 certifies that it has concluded the compulsory Tour operator’s liability insurance.



The agreed price may be changed before the organized tourist trip begins, when it is related to a change in the value of transport and other costs /airport and harbour fees, fuel, highways and ferryboats, toll taxes and licences, museum fees/, the exchange rate, concerned in the agreement, inflation processes in the accepting country /and/, leading to a change in the initial terms of the contract.

The recalculation of the agreed price is proportional to the price increase in the basic and extra services included in the tourist product.

The agreed price cannot be changed by more than 5%.

When there is a change by more than 5% , the TOUR OPERATOR is OBLIGED to inform immediately the CUSTOMER  who has the RIGHT:

to accept the changes, which is certified by an additional agreement in writing or to cancel the travel without paying forfeit to the TOUR OPERATOR. The CUSTOMER certifes cancellation in a written form within three days of receipt of the notification;

to accept a travel at a total price of lower quality by receiving from the TOUR OPERATOR the differnce in the value between the supplied product and the initially agreed one;

to accept another travel at a total price of he same or higher quality;

to receive the initially paid amount within 7 days /when cancellation notification is available/, after presenting a written cancellation by the time specified above.

The CUSTOMER HAS THE RIGHT to entrust their rights and responsibilities to a third person who meets all the necessary requirements by informing the TOUR OPERATOR within at least 20 days from the date of commencement of the travel/holiday. In this case the customer has joint liability with the other person before the tour operator or the tour agent in paying the total price and the costs involved, dealing with the act of entrusting rights and responsibilities, in conformity with the provisions of art. 2.9. from the present contract.

If the CUSTOMER is under age and is going to travel abroad on their own, the person in question has to present a declaration certified by a notary and signed by their parents who agree to their travelling in the mentioned country and time /if the under age travels together with one of their parents, they have to present a permission of the other parent certified by a notary /.


to implement changes in the arrangements related to the change of a given hotel by preserving the category; change in the make of the vehicle /for the bus programs/ by preserving the category and the offered conditions; the consistency in the overnight stays and the towns and villages /for the bus programs/ when this is to the benefit of the customer and gives opportunity for enriching the program with new places; the number and type of the visited tourist places of interest and the cultural and historical sights and museums, when it involves change in their opening hours or repair and restoration works.

If the CUSTOMER does not pay the agreed amount by the fixed time, the trip/holiday is cancelled due to their fault without notification and the TOUR OPERATOR will not refund the deposit in conformity with art. 308 of the Trade Law.

When the CUSTOMER implements changes in the reservation, they have to pay a fee of BGN 40,00.

Cancellation of a confirmed reservation or travel cancellation is presented in writing by the person who has submitted the order. In this case the following cancellation fees will be deducted from the amount paid by the CUSTOMER:  from 59 to 30 days before the date of departure – 50% of the total value of the trip, from 19 to 14 days before the date of departure – 80% of the total value of the trip, less than 14 days before the date of departure – 100% of the total value of the trip,

If the CUSTOMER decides to break the travel/holiday by their wish, all the additional costs, including the transport costs, are at their expense. In this case one does not have the right to insist on being refunded a part of the value of the declared services.

When certain deficiencies in the quality of the offered services are encountered, the customer has the right to set up a claim in a written form within 5 days after the end of the service, as the reclamation is certified by the presence of a record signed by the CUSTOMER, the HOTEL and the FOREIGN TOUR OPERATOR. The tour operator is obliged to respond to the claim before the customer in 30 workdays after the claim is submitted.

The TOUR OPERATOR is not responsible not only for the services (excursions, transport, entertainment), which the customer buys personally in the given resort (towns and villages), but also for changes, cancellations in cases of deficiency in the previously declared amount of services, resulting from military operations, acts of terrorism, strikes, epidemics, civil disobedience, natural disasters, fire accidents, actions of the state and other authorities or other circumstances beyond his/her scope of authority /cancellation of flights, changes in the timetables and prices of the airline company, etc./

The TOUR OPERATOR is not responsible and is not obliged to refund the money for not performed or faulty performed travel services, in case that the customer is not present in the determined place and time of departure.

The TOUR OPERATOR is not responsible and is not obliged to refund the money for not realized trips in case that the border authorities refuse to allow the CUSTOMER to enter in the territory of the respective country and/or in case that the CUSTOMER breaches the normative, customs, visa, passport and all other regulations related to crossing the border points of the respective country.

If during the organized trip/holiday the CUSTOMER causes physical injuries or material damages to partners of the TOUR OPERATOR, the attending personnel or a third party, the CUSTOMER is obliged to cover all the resulting costs.

In case of violation of the regulations /duty, passport, visa, etc. /, the guilty party has to cover all the damages at their expense.

The TOUROPERATOR is not responsible for the actions or lack of actions of third persons that are not parties to the present contract, but being indirectly related to its implementation.

The amount of the compensation for damages, caused to the CUSTOMER by the TOUR OPERATOR during the performance of the given arrangements, is up to 30 % of the value of the paid services under the provisions of the present contract.


All the debatable points, in relation to the implementation of the present contract, which arise disputes between the two parties, ought to be settled in conformity with The Tourism Law and the active legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The present contract is based on the TOUR OPERATOR’s information under art. 28 of The Tourism Law and the regulations under art. 29 from the Tourism Law and  under art. 33 from the Tourism Law and in relation to art. 28 /1/ and art. 32 /1/ from the already mentioned law, which the CUSTOMER has alredy got acquainted with before signing the present contract.

The contract comes into force from the date of signing and is valid until the final date of the trip.

The present agreement consists of two uniform copies – one for for each of the two parts.


CUSTOMER: …….…………        TOUR OPERATOR:  …………….

                    /signature/                                            /signature, seal/